Reality Check: Everyone Agrees with Us

One of the effects of being labelled “terfs” or even “radical feminists” is that it perpetuates the myth that our views on biological sex are extreme or in the minority. This is why I advocate rejecting those words.

Nobody denies the “womanhood” of “trans women,” opponents like to say, except “terfs” and conservatives.

That is simply incorrect. Consider:

  • Both liberals and conservatives on the Supreme Court demonstrated their belief that Aimee Stephens, the funeral home employee who was fired for being transgender, was male and experienced discrimination based upon clothing expectations for males, as clearly articulated in their recent decision.
  • Until ten or twenty years ago, the mantra (much less the idea) that “trans women are women” didn’t exist. You wouldn’t have been able to find a person of any stripe who even pretended to believe such a thing, including (or perhaps especially) in the transsexual/LGBT/queer communities. If you could go back in a time machine to your high school days and repeat some of the claims transgender activists make today with a straight face, you’d be laughed out of the room. Or–no joke–committed. Because reality is a thing and denying it used to be recognized as mental illness.
  • People in much of the world outside of certain “woke” areas of the US and other wealthy countries find the claim that people can change sex absurd and openly say so. Many of them are too busy trying to avoid walking into gunfire or dying in childbirth to even put this frivolous non-issue on their radar. Trans people’s pronoun preferences are a first-world problem.
  • People who have never followed this debate, even in the aforementioned “woke” areas, don’t believe the claim either. Many folks don’t keep their noses buried in social media, clickbait, and “queer” culture, and are shocked and dismayed when they first hear that such absurd ideas have gained traction.
  • Old-school female trailblazers in the fight for women’s rights, whether or not they call themselves radical or even feminists, know better. See tennis legend Martina Navratilova and Miriam Ben-Shalom, the woman who challenged the military’s anti-gay policy in 1980.
  • Gay men aren’t down with this either. Because they’re often sociable, they play nice and they say the words they’re asked to say. But they’re homosexuals and in the end they aren’t interested in debating what that means.
  • Many, many transgender people disagree with the current rhetoric, including psychologist Anne Lawrence, comedian Eddie Izzard, detransitioners who feel they were harmed by it, and almost all old-school gay transsexuals who came out young and have had surgery. Current activists label the latter, the predecessors of their own movement, with the slur “truscum” for not climbing on board with outrageous claims about the nature of sex.
  • So-called trans people in other countries, including the “travesti boys” of Brazil and the Hijra of India, do not believe they are literally women. The phrase “third sex” is prevalent for such people around the world.
  • Your dad doesn’t think trans women are women. Do you think you could fix your dad up with a trans woman if your dad became single? Straight men don’t think trans women are women. Some might say they do, but when it comes right down to it, they like pussy.
  • Moderates, like conservatives, aren’t even pretending to buy it. A huge segment of the world is politically moderate and not all of these people are dicks. Some are decent people who hold conservative fiscal views or really liked Ronald Reagan or worry about social stability or just vote the way their parents did.
  • Here are some more people who don’t even feel like pretending: J.K. Rowling. Ricky Gervais. Ru Paul. Rose McGowen. Boy George. The writers for South Park. The writers for Family Guy.
  • Even the people who say “trans women are women” don’t believe that trans women are women. If pressed, they’ll admit it’s a semantic concession that is performed in the interest of being nice and signaling liberal/tolerant views.
  • Basically everyone knows that a “trans woman” is a type of man, not a type of woman.

So who believes “trans women are women?” Some trans people do, despite what a feat of cognitive dissonance that is. That’s the power of dysphoria. These seem to be mostly white, mostly affluent, mostly straight male people who engage heavily with social media.

Who pretends to believe it? Their friends.

The apparent dominance of the view that “trans women are women” comes from a vocal minority on social media who has too much time on their hands. Since people who say otherwise are de-platformed, we’re not hearing from people who say otherwise, either because they’re self-censoring or they’re being censored. And remember, people will torture other humans and electrocute puppies when they feel intense pressure to agree with something.

It turns out it doesn’t take a highly specific or extreme philosophy like a weird branch of feminism to recognize the existence of sex.

We are not extremists. People who think that people can literally change sex are extremists.

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