The Problem with Jargon

We must reject jargon, even if it’s ours, and speak in plain language.

Here are the major reasons:

  • Normalcy – Our position is reasonable, but certain activists have managed to paint us as a fringe faction of feminism with murky values. Let’s not use language that seems to reinforce that misconception.
  • Clarity – Jargon makes it difficult for disinterested third parties (unfamiliar with the finer points of the debates we find ourselves in) to follow what we’re saying.
  • Accountability – Jargon allows both sides to sidestep meaningful debate and rely on semantic trickery and obfuscation instead.
  • Refusal to Concede – Jargon defined by our opponents grants them too much power; they set the terms of the debate and we let them.
  • Kindness – Good debaters use the Principle of Charity, arguing as though their opponents act in good faith. To win over the general public and counter our undeserved reputation we must show that we’re compassionate.

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