Women. We need strategy.

Women’s rights are in crisis. As J.K. Rowling pointed out, misogyny is worse than it’s been in decades. Attacks from the right are stronger than ever and now attacks are coming from the left–including from within the feminist movement. Threats from people who don’t think they hate women are now arguably more insidious than threats from people who openly admit they do.

Because of some tactical errors we’ve made, the causes Radical Feminists champion–or should be championing–have been completely lost. Thanks to some myths about who we are, bystanders can’t figure out what we stand for.  We seem to have lost sight of what we stand for, too. That’s right–the other side is holding us back, but we’re holding ourselves back, too.

We. Are. Losing.

We need to correct our course. We need to win.

In our opinion, this is what we need to do:

  • Rein in our language. We need to be clear, polite, and on topic. We need to avoid in-group language that marks us as a fringe faction of feminism. We need to stop conceding, via language, the validity of nonsense terms and concepts coined by our opponents. More on that here.
  • Stand our ground. Our positions are uncontroversial and reasonable, and most people agree with them. We need to stop, via actions and language, conceding that they belong to some fringe faction of feminism.
  • Stop preaching to the choir. It’s satisfying, but it isn’t helping. It gives us the illusion we’re doing something when we’re not. It takes time away from real activism. It fosters in-group behavior and language that threatens our reputation and convolutes our message.
  • Stay on topic. We have one goal: protecting the sex-based rights of women and girls. Our public intervention in tangential matters convolutes our message and confuses our audience. More on that here and here.

This isn’t about tone-policing or regulating the behavior of other women. You have every right to say or behave in whatever way you see fit. This is, instead, an argument for redirecting our focus from our personal catharsis to practical strategy and action.

Our argument is this: We need to take our power, stand our ground, defend our rights clearly and articulately, shun distractions, and stop dignifying our oppressors with responses to illogical nonsense. We need to be dispassionate and logical. We need to win.

This site is for those interested in winning.